Hi there! Welcome to our website. We are Heaven Lee Cavaliers. We breed all 4 colors of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: Blenheim, Tricolor, Black and Tan, and Ruby. We live in Oregon on the Washington border and offer shipping/delivery and of course in person meetings / pick ups as well. We are ID Verified through Puppyfinder as well as our business name registered with the State of Oregon. Oregon has very strict laws regarding breeding which we adhere to entirely and constantly research the local laws as well as federal laws. ALL of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels reside in our home as we have a small breeding program and all our cavaliers are very close to our large family of 8 never without socialization as somebody has a free lap to love and cuddle.

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All of our cavaliers have the beautiful temperament that drew me to the Cavalier breed which we would never breed anything different. As far as free run of the home, they do sleep in their kennels for their own safety at night and when we are not home as well as eat in their kennels which is also located in our main part of our home and they love their kennels so no problem at all. They love their own little space once in awhile. They have free run of our home I’d say about 85% of the day when they can be supervised. They also get all kinds of playtime out in our fully fenced in yard with supervision several times a day as well as play at the park, beach, lake, etc. when there are no puppies expected or on the grounds to prevent disease.


Our Cavaliers are mostly of the Sheeba, Legacy, Monarch, Castlemar, and Pascavale Lines which are all tremendously healthy lines with beautifully regal King Charles Spaniels living into their teens with adorable/loving/sweet personalities. You will find many pictures of their family members on each of our cavaliers pages.


Our dogs are all AKC / UKC / CKC / IABCA registered with Champion Lines and we will be showing many of them to get their INT. Championships as well. We used to show in AKC but the politics can be atrocious but we may get back into the AKC rings in the future. We used to show Bulldogs many many years ago, but never did show our Cavaliers in the AKC ring. We have not had bulldogs since the early 2000’s. We focus only on our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as this is the most amazing breed. Other than our spayed Siberian who we adopted from the Oregon Humane Society when she was 8 years old and fixed kitty cats.

Is Shipping Available?

We ship by United Petsafe as they take excellent care of the little puppies. Shipping is $400 extra which covers the flight, kennel, and health certificate required before shipping a puppy. It is higher than other airlines due to their temperature controlled flight for the puppies and they truly take excellent care of them too. We might consider other airlines though.

You also could fly in to pick up your sweetheart and then pay for the cabin fee for your puppy back which normally runs about $100-150 extra for the one way flight.

Prices for Puppies / Adults / Young Adults:

Please see our available puppy page for this information.

Payments Accepted?

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Cash, or checks (must clear before delivery).

Limited or Full / Open Registration?

Most of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are placed in homes with limited registration which requires a spay/neuter contract with papers released after proof of spay/neuter is sent.

We will place the puppies we feel are show quality (prospects) in homes as breeding stock prospects but we ask that you are 100% honest with us about your breeding program/plans to make sure that we are on the same page. We will never place our puppies in puppy mills where the dogs are not treated like a part of the family. If you are USDA registered please be honest with us and we will look up your license to ensure no issues there. If we later find out that you were lying we will not place a puppy in your home. We will do our research. Both my husband and I majored in Information Technology and no how to trace this information. So please be up front. Our puppies placed in breeding / show homes will also be on a contract but with a breeding contract instead. You are required to view these contracts before sending your non-refundable deposit so you will have a chance to make sure you agree with them first.

Spaying / Neutering PET Cavaliers:

We are often asked when a cavalier should be fixed and due to the fact of first hand experience with our Siberian’s incontinence due to being spayed too early, we believe it is best to wait until your puppy is 4 1/2 to 7 months of age to fix him/her. Please keep in mind with a male the sooner the better to lower the risk of bad hormonal behaviors. Females have a higher incident of the bladder incontinence issue after spay so you can wait longer with them. By spaying you will lower your females risk of developing Pyometra which can occur when she does not conceive and can be very expensive as well as dangerous. Spaying will also lower the risk of some cancers. If you are not going to breed spaying benefits outweigh the risks of not.

Is Showing Required for Open Registration?

Showing is not required but is highly advisable. By showing you will have an outside view on the quality of your breeding stock prospect. We understand that AKC shows are not for everyone as the politics can be atrocious but the IABCA shows are very laid back, do not allow professional handlers, and the judges judge your dog individually on the breed standard and not against other dogs like the AKC (this is great too but I feel it truly leaves a lot of other great speciments out as it is all in the eye of the beholder and many different judges wouldn’t pick the same dog on the same day to win Best of Breed or Winner’s Bitch) so that is why I like the IABCA shows as the judge will write out a written critique on your dog and what areas they feel s/he is strong in and/or lacks. Again every judge will interpret the breed standard differently and have different things that stick out to them.

Do You Require Signed Contracts?

Yes, we do and this is to protect both the puppy buyer as well as the seller. We do all signatures through Adobe Sign which are legal and binding. We offer a health guarantee that is in line with Oregon Laws for actual pet stores which is very fair. All contracts must be viewed and signed before a deposit will be accepted.

What is the Deposit to hold a Puppy?

Our Non-refundable deposits are $300 and are required within 24 hours of deciding on the puppy you want if paying by Paypal/Credit Card. This is so that we do not turn away other people interested in the puppy and then you decide for some reason you do not want the puppy. We can wait up to 2 business days if mailing a check (please do overnight shipping with signature required) – we will update with new pictures every week and mini-videos as well every 2 weeks. If you do not receive a picture in this time frame, please do not hesitate to email us as it might have been sent to the wrong address.

How are your Cavalier Puppies with Cats?

We seriously have the best kitty cat ever – I think he thinks he is a DOG! He loves our Cavalier King Charles so so much and will cuddle with them, play carefully with them. He really adores them. He is the excellent kitty cat to teach puppies that cats are a good thing and can be their very best friend. Now, how your cat will behave we do not know.

What do you Feed?

We feed Pure Balance Grain Free Dog Food available at walmart.com or Walmart for ALL stages of light from little 3-4 week old puppies through seniors. It has a 4 star rating through dogfoodadvisor.com and many other dog food education websites. We have tried many high quality foods such as Earthborn (a 5 star dog food), Holistic Select (a 4.5 star food) and these other foods gave our Cavaliers very loose stools even doing it the right way (slowly changing foods) we gave them quite a bit of time and even tried pumpkin to help and these foods just seemed too rich for their systems. We switched back to Pure Balance and no more issues so we will stick with it. You are more than welcome to change foods though just make sure to do it very slowly and if any problems occur switch back. Pure Balance is a great price and keeps their coats beautifully soft and shiny as well as no other issues.

We have tried to make our website easy to navigate but if you ever need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will update this website regularly with current information as well as our Instagram where we upload a lot of pictures. Feel free to follow us there too.

When one of our females is expecting we will update that information here under our expecting/planned litters page and than when the puppies are born it should state that in our sidebar as well as our available puppies page and our more information page. If you would like more information please click on a link either above or in the sidebar.

Thanks for visiting – we hope you enjoy your stay!

How Long do Cavalier King Charles Live on Average?

According to the 2004-2005 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Health Survey the average age of females is 10.5 years and the average age of males is 10.9 years.

The oldest female and male in the study was a female who died at 14.9 years and a male that died at 15.9 years.

What are the biggest health issues within the Cavalier Breed?

The 2004-2005 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Health Survey Report here will go through all health issues if you would like to view their 224 page report but in my opinion the biggest issues are with the Cavaliers heart with 44% having an issue with an average age of onset/diagnosis of 7.6 years of age, I would say after this the next important health issue would be eyes with 22.9% having eye disorders. Eyes are not a life or death situation but still something I believe is important to monitor. Others believe Cancer in the breed is more important but according to this study cancer risk is only about 5% which is much lower than other breeds and even lower than human risk so I am pleased about that. So many things contribute to cancer risk from family, food, environment that I put more importance on hearts when it comes to health. It is important to remember though that just like people and other breeds of dogs – everyone has some health issues. The best thing we can do is regular veterinarian exams as well as health exams to help prevent passing on these issues to future generations. The problems I see with health exams through CERF, OFA, etc. is that if the average age of onset is 7.6 for example for hearts – the bitch would already be spayed before finding out there were an issue – even if you began testing early. In this case, all we can do is learn about the past relatives health exam results, to know our own lines and how healthy they are.

Do you breed for looks?

The most important thing for us is the animals temperament – we believe that this breed has the most beautiful personality around and without a good temperament nothing else matters. Before temperament health is of utmost importance. Conformation comes in last. We will never breed a cavalier that has serious faults and/or breed a female to a male without believing they will compliment each other as we breed to better the breed and to create the most loving cavaliers to fit in beautifully with many different home styles. So looks (conformation) is important but it is not everything. We do strive to keep the cavalier looking like the cavalier which we all love so much.

Meet Our Family (Click to Read)

Here we will tell you about who we are. We are a family of 8 who live on about an acre in the country. We have our 7 kids (1 of our sons lives in Germany for now) and our other 6 kids live here with us. They were born in 2014, 2011, 2010, 2004, 2002, 2000, and 2000. We have always loved children and puppies and see both as an incredible blessing. We also love the busy side of living in a large family. My husband was the oldest of 6 kids and I was the youngest of 6 kids so we are both used to it. Our home is always active so our puppies/dogs get all kinds of socialization and attention as they are raised in our home surrounded by our large family and other animals. We have 4 daughters and 3 sons.

My husband served in the US Army for 12 years until he was diagnosed with an incurable bone cancer in 2004. Thankfully God has had his hand on him and he is hanging in there doing well. He now works about 50-60 hours making memory foam beds. I am a work at home, homeschooling mom. 5 of our kids are currently in school. We use the Monarch Homeschooling Program for our teens and will for our younger kids when they hit 3rd grade. We are very family oriented and spend a lot of time together as a family with our animals. Our dogs love to go hang out at the beach, park, or lake with us.

As for animals we have 2 males (blenheim and black and tan) along with 2 females (tricolor and blenheim). We put a lot of emphasis on temperament as a dog can be beautiful with a horrible attitude so we make sure that all of our animals are excellent around kids. Our children understand that all animals deserve respect and love. They are never left unsupervised with our animals (the little kids any ways). Breeding our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is a family affair which we all love. Nothing better than having several of this amazing breed as they truly in my opinion are the best dogs out there. They are great for the young, old, love their incredibly soft hair that doesn’t need a ton of grooming, they are very friendly/outgoing, smart, just enough energy. I just love this breed so much and want others to experience this unconditional love too. Their puppies are super sweet too! We do our absolute best to raise from their birth until they go into their new forever home a well rounded loving, sweet, smart cavalier that you will love for all of their life and they will love you for all of their life as well.

We also have a spayed calico cat, a neutered Black with faint striped kitty cat, and an 8 1/2 year old spayed Siberian Husky who we adopted from our local humane society when she was 7 1/2 years old. All get a long very well with our cavaliers – they are all the best of friends.

I believe as a breeder that we should update our puppy adopters as often as possible so I promise to update every week with new pictures and every 2 weeks with mini-videos of your baby. I know how hard it is to wait all those weeks for your little one and I don’t want you to miss out on any week. We feel that everyone who adopts a puppy from us is a part of our extended family and love when you keep in touch even though this isn’t a requirement it is awesome and truly appreciative.

Please remember that you are never bugging us. We are here for you 24/7. We hope you have a beautiful day!

Below you will find some of our family pictures of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We love taking pictures and sharing them with you. 🙂 Enjoy! <3

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