Adopt a Rescue

Hi there!! I wanted to make sure that before you look at puppies you have an opportunity to check out your local Humane Society to see if there are any Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that you may want to bring home instead of a new puppy.

Cavaliers are pretty rare in rescues because they truly are one of the best breeds out there perfect in almost every way, but there are a few for some reasons that end up in shelters. Please remember that just because a dog is in rescue does not mean it did anything wrong. Sometimes when their one and only family member passes on they end up in the shelter or for some reason their family had to move and couldn’t take their baby with them.

Rescue Siberian with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Our local Humane Society was pretty upfront with us when we adopted our Senior Siberian Husky. One thing they didn’t tell us, not sure if they knew though was that she had an incontinence issue from being spayed at only 2 months years of age. For some reason females who have been spayed before they are older (especially large breeds) are very likely to have this issue but they didn’t tell us. We just have her wear reusable diapers for when she is in the home because she loves being around the family too much to make her an outside dog. She likes to sit on the porch for an hour or so but than will bark in a quiet way to get our attn to come in. She is so well trained that she never leaves the porch/lower yard for any reason – she is truly a great girl! When we were at the humane society there were many dogs that we were interested in where the workers said they did not suggest that dog to us for whatever reason. They want to make the best match possible because they do not want these doggies to have to be moved into home after home. Our Siberian will be with us until the day she passes on as we would not do that to her.

I just wanted to do this little post to make sure you weigh all your options. If you truly do not want an older dog or can not find a Cavalier in rescue than we are here. Any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Our Siberian Husky over the last year. We adopted her at almost 8 years old from the Oregon Humane Society. She is spayed and such a sweet girl. She has truly added so much to our life. We are thankful to have been given the chance to meet such a sweetheart and have her as part of our family. She is not available. Pros of Siberians: Large/protective, loyal, loving, funny, incredibly smart, independant if you are looking for a more independent large breed, beautiful, not barkers unless she wants her family, pack animals big time (even if just the pack in a family). Cons of Siberians: SOOOOO MUCH HAIR EVERYWHERE! ALL THE TIME, haha. Like for real – it looks like a whole new dog once a week when we brush her in just hair. They are TOO smart sometimes. She opens all of our gates and basically goes wherever she wants cuz no matter what we try, she gets in or out, haha. It is funny though and thankfully she is a very good girl. They don’t live very long, they eat a ton. Such a special breed though and we love her to pieces! <3

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