Available Puppies

Available Puppies

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

located in the Pacific Northwest

No litter found.
No litter found.

We currently do not have any available puppies, but I have a feeling we will have some very soon so make sure to either save this as a bookmark, sign up for our newsletter, or email us requesting to be placed on our notification list.

Expected coat colors: Tricolor cavalier king charles puppies and/or Blenheim cavalier puppies.


Below please click on each step to open.


Our PET prices are:

(on spay / neuter contract – registration papers will be released/mailed after proof of spay/neuter is sent)

Males range from $900 – $1,200

Females range from $1,400 – 1,700



Our OPEN prices (breeding prospects or show prospects) are:

Males range from $1,500 – 1,800

Females range from $2,000 – $2,200


** Prices depend on each individual puppy, pedigree, family lines, show quality/markings, etc. Prices are occasionally lower or higher.


PICKUP: No extra cost.

Delivery / to meet you closer to your home: 15-60 miles one way +$30 fee

Delivery / to meet you closer to your home: 61-120 miles one way +$60 fee

Any further please email us – we might be able to work something out.



Plus Delivery / Shipping Cost if not picking up your new puppy. We ship with United PetSafe. Add $400 for all the below.

Shipping $300

Kennel to ship puppy in $45

Health Certificate $55


NOTICE: We do not sell puppies to brokers or pet stores EVER!

STEP 1: Fill out Puppy Application Below

Fill out our Application below which will place you on our waiting list. If we have puppies available or when we do, we will use this information to fill out paperwork.

STEP 2: Pick Your Puppy

The second step after filling out the puppy application form is to check and see if there is any puppy you are interested in. If there is a puppy than please email us the name of the puppy and we will move on to the third step.

If you are not or none are available we will update this website and send you more information as we know one of our females is expecting or she delivers.

STEP 3: View and Sign Sales Contract

After picking out your puppy but before sending a non-refundable deposit, you will view our Sales Contract and sign. We have Adobe Sign which makes it super easy. You can sign from any device (web or mobile) and it is 100% free for you, legal and binding for both parties with a document trail so that both parties know that nothing has been changed.

If you agree with the sales contract you will sign it and the program will send you (the purchaser) and us (the breeder) both copies to print and save.

Now on to the 4th Step.

STEP 4: Non-Refundable Deposit

It is now time after all contracts have been signed by both parties and your new puppy picked out to send in your non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy.

You can pay by PayPal (email us letting us know you need an invoice and we will send one asap), Wave Invoice that will be sent to you when we send your total due bill to adopt (accepts credit and debit cards), check & money order (must clear before puppy will be shipped or can be picked up so please allow 3 weeks), or cash in person any time.

STEP 5: Pick Up or Have Puppy Shipped!

Time to celebrate cuz your new little sweet baby will be coming home soon!! We allow our puppies to go home at 8 weeks or 8-10 weeks if shipping.

Sometimes we may hold a puppy a little longer until we are sure s/he is ready to move to their new home but this is rare.

Pick up in person or delivery in person will always be on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (if a holiday) after puppy turns 8 weeks old.

If Shipping your puppy we will do the best we can to get an appt. to get the health certificate which is required for your new puppy to fly, and flight scheduled as soon as possible. If there is ever a problem found while getting the health certificate you will be notified immediately and offered a 100% refund if you choose not to go forward with buying the puppy. We have never had an issue but want you to know that we will refund if a health issue is found during the exam that you are not okay with. No other refunds will be given for any other reason. After the health certificate is issued and all is a-okay we will schedule the flight for as soon as possible. Please let us know before we schedule the flight if you need a certain time / day and we will do the best we can to get a flight under those circumstances but it may take longer to ship your new puppy.

STEP 6: Please Keep In Touch

Your new puppy is home now and we would love to know how s/he is doing from time to time. Picture updates would be outstanding! We will sure miss this little lovebug. We also want to see how our breeding program is going.

A reference would be amazing too.

Thank you so very much for adopting and giving our precious little ones a new forever, loving home.


Puppy application must be filled out prior to us taking a deposit to hold a puppy. We will use this information to fill out our contract information (all contracts signed through Adobe Sign) and to invoice you as well. So, if you are interested in any puppy or future litter please fill this out.

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