Heaven Lee Angel

Heaven Lee Angel


  • Nickname Heaven Lee
  • Date of Birth Dec 30, 2015
  • Color Tricolor
  • Owners Heaven Lee Cavaliers
  • AKC TS288879/05
  • UKC P-805-602
  • CKC CV-04921636

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Hi there! I’m Miss. Heaven Lee. My momma wanted me to tell you a bit about me so let me see what I should start with. Hmm, well I am a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves to learn new things and love on my family. I’m not much into playing, but I sure do love food – anything I can eat the better so momma has to really watch how much food I get or I may just get overweight which wouldn’t be healthy for me so she says but food is just sooo good! I want to lick whoever created it. I will play when my handsome stud Maxx teases me with a toy cuz I do enjoy tug of war a couple times a day.

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I’m so glad my family came and picked me up from my other momma cuz I have a really big family. It seems I am a queen or something because whenever I need something they get it for me, if I am thirsty – I get water, if I am hungry – I get food, if I want to go outside – they let me out and the best part of it all is when they clean the house… Do you know what I do? I lay on the couch and just watch – oooh the life!

A few other things I truly enjoy doing is going to the park with the kids, the beach, or the lake.

Oh and I guess I am an excellent watch dog too! I hear things before my big sister (an 8 year old Siberian Husky) and I alert her so she can see what is up. When momma says everything is okay, I just curl back up and love on whosoever lap is available. Any ways, I think that is it – I wanna get back to sleep. I hope you enjoy my page. Any questions, just shoot my momma an e-mail and she will get back to you as soon as she can!

Love, Heaven Lee <3

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