Heaven Lee Hubba Maxx

Hi there! I’m Maxx. My human family likes to call me Mr. Maxx for short. I don’t get this Mr. thing but as long as they share their warm lap with me… they. can. call. me. anything. they. like. I really love my family and am super close to each one of them. You wanna know what is the best!? I am blessed with the biggest family I know! I think they think I’m a king or something cuz whenever I need something – there is somebody there, it is awesome stuff! If I sit by the door, they let me out – they even come out to watch me and see if I need anything. If I need food, they feed me, water – checkmark cuz it too is taken care of. Being a dog is the best! Oh and when they clean…. I just sit back and relax. “This is truly the life I tell ya!”


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Are you a dog too? If so, you can totally understand I’m sure. So, my human family asked me to tell you a bit about me. Hmm, never really described myself before. Is this some kind of dating site?

Well, here it goes. So, I’m a short guy but I have beautifully soft hair – at least that is what the ladies tell me. I’m a gentleman who knows how to treat the ladies as I follow them around like a lost puppy dog and lay as close to them as they will let me. I am even happier when my fur-ladies sit next to my human family cuz I sure do love them warm laps. I also love love love kisses and belly rubs. I will snuggle up to my mommy and daddy as close as I can get and I realy really love going to the park! I get so much love there too cuz wherever I go I attrack everyone! You see, where I live there are not many furkids that look like me. I see all these labs, german shepherds, and did I say labs? Oh and CHIHUAHA’s too – Wow, that’s a long/hard one. 😉

So, I love belly rubs, being close to the ones I love, meeting new people, more loves and rubs, the ladies, treats, playing, and relaxin too. My mom said that she was gonna to add something called a pedigree!? Is that like a birth certificate? I don’t know, maybe you can explain it to me one day. So, that should be below soon along with more pictures of me and even some pictures of my fur-family (even you wanna check out my human family – you can see those pics on our about us/welcome page. Any ways, I hope you enjoy it here – don’t forget to check out my beautiful ladies here and any puppies we might have been blessed with. I’m planning on starting a family some day soon. I can’t wait! Until next time!

Wuv Ya – WOOF!


My Registration Information


  • Nickname Maxx
  • Date of Birth Dec 02, 2015
  • Color Blenheim
  • Owners Breeder | Heaven Lee Cavaliers
  • AKC TS28141803
  • UKC P805-601
  • CKC CV-04926049


Please do not use our images unless one of our dogs is the Sire/Dam or Relative of your Cavalier. If you do use our images in those situations please provide his name and a link back to our website. If you do not than unfortunately you will not be able to use our images. Thank you for understanding.

Below are my family members. Take your time cuz there are a lot of them. These are the guys that you will find in my pedigree above.

They are some serious lookers! Just sayin.. Who do you think I look the most like?



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