Heaven Lee Midnight Storm

Heaven Lee’s

Midnight Storm

HI!! I’m Zoomer. My registered name is Heaven Lee’s Midnight Storm but my call name is Zoomer. I like Zoomer cuz it means my parents think I’m super fast! I’m SUPER DOG!! I came a long way to live with my mommy, daddy, and all my other siblings. I was born in Nebraska with an amazing family and a lot of fur-friends but than I flew on this really cool spaceship rocket thing or so it seemed and next thing I knew, I heard a lot of, “AWWW’s!”. Everyone who seen me at the airport ask my mommy and daddy if they were breeders cuz they really wanted a puppy like me. The flight was better than I thought as my mommy and daddy paid extra for the temperature controlled flight – they didn’t want me to get hurt and my first mommy made sure I made it okay too.



Now I’m Home and I LOVE my home cuz I have all kinds of friends to play with. There is this really big doggy – they say a Siberian Husky. She hasn’t done anything to me but I’m scared of her so I just stay away. She likes to lay in the middle of the floor so I just tip toe around her. She’s looked at me a few times and just plopped her head down so I don’t think I have anything to worry about. I also have 6 human kid friends – my sisters and brothers. So many but so much fun cuz I always have somebody to play with. Then there are the best Cavalier King Charles ever – Maxx and Heaven Lee. They welcomed me. When I arrived Momma put Heaven Lee in her kennel and only let Maxx meet me first. Him and I really like each other and are best buddies. After we were fine momma left Heaven Lee out and put Maxx away for a bit. I guess she didn’t want to scare me. Heaven Lee liked me too but seemed a bit scared of me which was really strange cuz I’m so tiny but now we are best buddies too. I love my new friends so much!

Right now I’m just a little thing and over the next year + I will begin learning all these things called home manners so I can enjoy my long life with my family. I guess I have to potty train – that sounds kind of hard! I also get to learn how to sit, walk on leash, lay down, quiet when momma doesn’t want us to bark and only play quietly, learn when it is okay to go outside on command, stay, play fetch, roll over, sit pretty and whatever else they wanna teach me. After I get my next few vaccinations we will begin hanging out at the park! My sisters church youth group wants to meet me soooo bad! I guess I am pretty cute they say. Any ways, I should get back to laying around sleepin cuz it’s been a long day playing. Below you will find more pictures, my pedigree, and some family members too. Enjoy!! <3


  • Nickname Zoomer
  • Date of Birth Jul 31, 2016
  • Color Black and Tan
  • Owners Heaven Lee Cavaliers
  • AKC TS31221202
  • CKC CV-04962972

To View Zoomer’s full page which is full of a lot more information and pictures click here.


Zoomer’s Current Pictures

Zoomer’s Baby Pictures

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