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We wanted to take a few moments to welcome you to our website and tell you a bit about our family to help you get to know us. I’m Tori and my husband is Ian. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Oregon. We are surrounded by countryside where we often see sweet deer in our backyard. We have 7 kids. 4 daughters and 3 sons. They are 16 (Our son in Germany), 16 daughter, 14 daughter, 12 year old daughter, 6 year old daughter, 5 year old son, and a 1 1/2 year old son – our last baby.

I have grown up around dogs all of my life. We had a papillon/poodle mix that we were blessed to have in our lives for


20 years – she was a rescue from the local humane society. After that I had boxers and bulldogs whom we showed in both the AKC ring and IABCA rings. Our female was an International Champion with many Best of Breeds and even a few Group 1st!

All of my life for as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of having the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but I had two problems – the
price and finding any in the Oregon / Washington area. One day I was looking around on a website and found a beautiful Tricolor

female (Our Heaven Lee Angel) and mentioned her to my husband. I never thought he would say to adopt her because she was so expensive, but he did and I passed out!! I was so excited we drove over 10 hours leaving at 3pm to meet the breeder. She was super sweet allowing us to pick up our sweet little girl so late. Heaven Lee has been amazing ever since! She is super duper smart with a sweet face and beautiful coat.

After Heaven Lee Angel we were addicted and we decided to get our male Maxx. Maxx was just as sweet and my husband and I decided that we would show him starting in the IABCA show rings this next spring 2017 to get his International Championship. I’m sure he will get it as he is so beautiful with an outstanding temperament.

Because it has been so challenging to find Cavalier puppies in oregon, we talked it over and decided we wanted to start our own breeding program so we have read everything we can get our hands on. I have some background from the past in breeding and studying compatible pedigrees so that helps.

I want so badly to help other families experience this oustanding and one of a king breed. The Cavalier King Charles is an amazing breed. I honestly cannot say anything bad about them. They are small (largest of the toy breed so not too small for children), extremely outgoing and friendly so not a vicious bone in their body they just want to be loved – ALOT, they have beautiful super soft coats that do not get course like some breeds as they get older, they do not require a ton of grooming even with that beautiful coat, they are playful, bring so many laughs, and smart too. One downfall I could mention is if you don’t want a clingy dog because they are super clingy to their family/owners.

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